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SNAP Outreach – Awakening

We don’t always see what is happening in our own community. We are so busy with our daily lives that if we are not exposed to people outside our vision then maybe it doesn’t exist. It does exist. Hunger. In every part of this state. In every county.

Three months ago I accepted the position of SNAP Outreach Coordinator with the Iowa Food Bank Association, covering half of Iowa – 50 counties.  My passion to help others and to join a team of people who make a real difference brought me here.

To actually be in the presence of hunger each day is an awakening. I see how much of a need there is in every community to help our neighbors with food insecurity.   Each person has a unique story. I see young mothers working to provide for their kids, seniors barely making their income get them through the month and thankful for their next meal, disabled individuals struggling physically just to make it to the local pantry and so thankful for the box of food, and the homeless folks joining others for a community meal and surviving yet another day.  I see each one and help as I can. It is so fulfilling to reach out and do this work. And there really are not enough hours in the day. If you could see what I see … I have truly found my place.

Have you thought about being a volunteer? The Iowa Food Bank Association could use your help!  If you are interested in becoming a SNAP Outreach Volunteer and assisting in the fight against hunger by helping individuals sign up for SNAP benefits, please contact me at 319-529-0566 or

Teri Winkey, Iowa Food Bank Association SNAP Outreach Coordinator


From the Director: Thank you from the Iowa Food Bank Association

Thank you from the IFBA

As we approach the holiday season, there is no better time than now to express our most sincere appreciation for all the feeding organizations, donors, volunteers, and advocates for their continuous support of our mission to alleviate hunger by collaborating with the eight Feeding America Food Banks serving Iowa. There are 389,730 hungry children, adults, and seniors in Iowa and it’s because of the combined work of everyone, we are able to provide hope and opportunities to our friends and neighbors.

Throughout the past year, we have shared stories of success and stories of hope. We’ve profiled the lives of hungry families right here in our state and profiled the great work of our volunteers committed to serving those families who struggle with hunger. We’ve shared the tremendous support of our many partners who have offered monetary and in-kind donations to assist us in this fight. We’ve featured the unwavering commitment of food bank staff, emergency feeding organization staff, and advocates that have devoted many hours to bring food-security to our state. It is because of these individuals and those 389,730 friends and neighbors struggling with hunger that we continue to fight hunger in Iowa.

It takes a special staff to coordinate such a comprehensive statewide hunger-relief effort so I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the whole IFBA team — a team that puts their whole heart into coordinating the effort.

This holiday season, it’s appropriate for us to reflect on the many successes and give thanks to those who have made it possible. Please join us on December 11th for our open house as we celebrate our new Des Moines office location while thanking those how have joined us in the fight against hunger.

Cory Berkenes, State Director