A Day in the life of a SNAP Outreach Worker…….

“Ever since my sister, Katie Reidy, started working for the Iowa Food Bank and the Feeding America Association I always wondered what exactly she did on a daily basis. A few times I even asked her and Katie would always humbly respond that she assisted in signing people up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or as many know it as SNAP. This response sounded simple enough therefore I never questioned her further as to how she does it, why she does it and what it means to her. However, this last fall I was required to make a short documentary on a person, organization or group that is helping change the world. Instantly, my thoughts were directed to Katie. There were so many unanswered questions as to what Katie did on a daily basis and more importantly why she did it. Katie was more than willing to give up some of her time to dedicate to this documentary and to further explain and show me why and how she assists the people of Iowa through the Feeding America Association. Over 60 hours of creating this documentary I have learned the meaning behind this organization and how it helps to shape and mold our world into a better place. My goal in creating this documentary, was to capture the meaning behind the motivation of SNAP Outreach workers, like Katie. At the end of my time spent with Katie I found myself humbled by what she does on a daily basis and motivated to get involved. Overall, there is one message that will always remind me of why my sister does her job; ask not what others can do for you but rather what you can do for others.”

-Bridgett Reidy


See the documentary at: 


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