A Place At the Table

By now, many of you have had an opportunity to see the outstanding documentary “A Place at the Table”.  If you have not I strongly encourage that you watch it during the holidays when you and your family are gathered together counting your blessings.  The movie is eye-opening, even for the most seasoned food bank professional.

Did you know that, by the end of the 1970’s, hunger in the U.S. had virtually been eliminated, with the cooperation of government programs and private partnerships?  The following decade, government programs began to suffer drastic cuts and the private sector stepped up but food insecurity continued to increase each year.

One of my favorite parts of the film is an interview with Jeff Bridges.  I have always been a huge fan of his acting, but his efforts to fight hunger, especially for children, has made him one of my true ‘heroes’.  Jeff made an observation that was my ‘Ah-hah’ moment of this movie; he noted that eliminating hunger should be considered an act of patriotism, and that it is curious that no one would ever suggest that public defense be funded by the private sector, yet hunger is viewed as a problem for the food bank world to tackle as government tries to become smaller.  Indeed, feeding our citizens should not be ignored by our government, but should be seen as an ‘inalienable right’.

After your bountiful holiday meal, as you consider all that you are grateful for, why not switch the football game or latest action flick to watch “A Place at the Table”.   It will enlighten and inspire you for the new year as we all continue our efforts to eliminate hunger in America.

“A Place at the Table” is available on Netflix, I-tunes and RedBox, check your local Public Library to see if they may have a copy.  Enjoy!!


–Cindy Jones


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