Food Day

October 24th was Food Day. Food Day is a nationwide celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. For Food Day I had received a package full of Food Day literature, stickers and buttons from the national office in Washing D.C.  Although, nothing formally planned for Food Day, The Food Bank of Siouxland had a mobile scheduled for the day. I was able to hand out about 50 Food Day brochures, stickers and buttons at an afternoon mobile pantry held in Onawa, Iowa on the 24th.  The Onawa distribution volunteers are from our agency, “Food 4 You” and they really thought it was cool that we had something to give out to the patrons with the date and information commemorating Food Day. I told them a little about Food Day and the idea of improving the quality, availability and community aspects of food.  The Food 4 U volunteers are a lot of fun to be around and they’re a lively bunch.


We also had 4 Briar Cliff University freshmen at the Food Bank in the morning that were put in my charge to sort commodities.  I gave them an overview of Food Day and a campaign button.  They had volunteered because of a class they were taking which focused on the life of St. Francis, specifically his vow to serve the impoverished.  We commended each other for our mutual service and vowed to lift a tankard in the Saint’s honor.  Never-the-less, I’m calling it an impromptu Food Day success.

-Paul Flemming, VISTA member at the Food Bank of Siouxland


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