Who are We to Judge?

Not every client is perfect.

Some clients have a history of bad decisions. Some struggle every day to stay clean. Others need help to make better decisions with a variety of lifestyle choices. From choosing healthier foods to staying on a monthly budget- my clients need help doing it all. On the other hand, some of my clients are ideal parents who fell on hard times, or the veteran who came home and needs help making ends meet. No matter what the story, they all need help.

Contrary to many popular assertions, the people I help do not live the life of luxury. Many of them struggle to find every meal, clean clothes, sanitary water, and a safe place to sleep. They make difficult decisions every day, such as choosing between paying the heating bill and filling a much needed medical prescription. A majority of my clients cannot afford private insurance and suffer from medical conditions that only grow worse with time and inadequate medical care. While a lot of my clients do have cars, some of them are forced to sleep in them from time to time when the money gets even tighter. Clean laundry is usually not a daily option but a luxury. Showering at times, is not even a remote possibility.
In short, the people I help on a daily basis need my help. Some have not lived a life on the straight and narrow. People make mistakes, nobody is perfect.

If a person or a family needs help- who are we to judge?

–Katie Reidy


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